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Head-On Collision Lawyers in Houston, TX

Serious accidents demand serious representation

It’s every driver’s nightmare: being hit head-on by an oncoming car. Your life may be changed forever. You might have serious injuries that take weeks or months to heal, or you may have a permanent injury, such as a brain or spinal cord injury. You may have even lost a loved one in a head-on crash. The Houston head-on collision attorneys at Smith & Hassler, Attorneys at Law serve victims of these accidents throughout Texas.

Head-on collisions can lead to complex legal cases

When two cars collide head-on, it’s almost always because someone was driving the wrong way or drifted into the oncoming lane. Usually, the cause of the crash is either driving under the influence or falling asleep at the wheel. Sometimes, distracted drivers drift into the oncoming lane and cause a crash. Occasionally, the culprit might be a mechanical issue, such as bad steering or brakes.

Just because head-on car accidents usually involve serious negligence doesn’t mean liability is clear. Witnesses may disagree on whether you or the other driver was going the wrong way. Police reports and other evidence from the scene may be ambiguous. The insurance company will take advantage of this confusion to try to get you to settle for less than you deserve – or deny your claim entirely.

At the end of the day, the insurance company’s goal is to save money. Head-on collisions usually cause serious injuries, and that means you represent serious exposure to their bottom line. They’ll put their best lawyers, adjusters and investigators on your case. You need hard-hitting representation to fight back.

We are car accident lawyers who fight to win

That’s why your first step, after you get immediate medical attention, should be to call Smith & Hassler. We’ll investigate your head-on collision and fight the evidence that proves the other driver caused your injuries. We’ll build a strong case for the full amount of compensation you deserve. We’ll take a hard line in negotiations with the insurance company, and if they won’t pay up, we’re ready to take them to court. We’ll take care of all this while you focus on getting better.

If you’ve been injured in a head-on collision in Houston or anywhere in Texas, get a law firm that knows how to fight on your side. Remember, it costs you nothing to talk to a lawyer about your legal rights, and you don’t owe us a cent unless and until we recover for you. Contact us today for your free case consultation.