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Bicycle Accidents

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Bicyclists who are struck by other vehicles may sustain a variety of serious injuries, including broken bonesbrain injuriesspinal cord injuries and even death. With the popularity of cycling on the rise, motorists and bicyclists alike have to be mindful of each other when sharing the road. Our attorneys fight for the rights of injured cyclists.

In Texas, cyclists generally must observe the same rules of the road as other vehicles. But even the most careful cyclist can get seriously injured in an instant. Some motorists have difficulty with bicyclists who share the roadway. A driver's road rage could lead to a collision with the cyclist. In other cases, a cyclist may crash into a door if a driver is not looking while trying to exit the vehicle.

Bicyclists can be seriously hurt when hit by a motor vehicle. That's because they have no protection in a crash. Their bodies take the brunt of the impact and they can suffer severe, sometimes permanent injuries. After a crash, a bicyclist may require hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy and medication. Their medical expenses can add up very quickly.

Our attorneys know that motorists often look at bicycles as a nuisance and not a vehicle that requires their attention. Dismissing bicyclists and driving recklessly near them is negligence that could have very serious consequences. We hold negligent drivers responsible and work to get injured bicyclists compensation for their injuries.

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