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Compensation For Motorcycle Accidents

An Experienced Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer at Smith & Hassler Will Help You Get the Money Owed to You

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can turn your life upside-down. You may have very serious injuries that prevent you from working. Your bills can add up quickly and you may wonder how you are going to make ends meet. If another driver's negligence led to your accident, you deserve financial compensation. Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify to be compensated for any of the following expenses:

If the other driver is at fault and has liability insurance, you may have the right to be compensated for lost wages, your past and future medical bills, disfigurement, and pain and suffering, among other hardships. If the at-fault driver does not have insurance and you purchased uninsured motorist insurance coverage, you may qualify for compensation from your own insurance company.

Paying Your Medical Bills After Your Accident

In general, people injured in accidents pay medical bills upfront, and then are reimbursed for them after their accident case has been settled. But if they have medical payments coverage under their insurance policies, they may be able to pay their medical bills as they are due by making a claim against their own coverage. Also, if they have health insurance, the insurance company may pay the medical bills.

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