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Day Care Facility Injuries

An Attorney with Smith & Hassler Will Fight For Your Child's Rights

When parents or caregivers leave their children at day care centers, they drive away expecting them to be safe from abuse and negligence that may lead to severe injuries. Most of the time, children return home safe and sound, but injuries can happen in an instant at any child care facility.

At Smith & Hassler, we will work aggressively to advocate for your child after an injury at a child care facility. While child care facilities are well insured, we will make sure your family's rights are protected. We know the insurance company should not decide the outcome of a personal injury case. Our job is to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

Abuse at child care facilities may be easy to detect, such as when you see physical injuries like broken bones, bruises and cuts on your child. But the abuse also may take the form of psychological or sexual abuse, which can leave psychological scars that last much longer than physical injuries.

It's important for you to remember that the statute of limitations - which limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit - does not begin to run in most cases until your child's 18th birthday. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible if you suspect your child has been injured so we can begin working to examine evidence while it is fresh and ensure your rights are protected. But even if your child was injured years ago, call us to discuss a potential case.

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If your child has been injured because of another's negligence, contact Smith & Hassler. An experienced personal injury attorney will assist you or your loved one in your case. Remember, the statute of limitations does not begin running until your child is 18, so you may have a case even if the injury occurred years ago. Call (713) 739-1250 for your free personal injury consultation today. Our law firm handles cases involving children injured in Houston and throughout Texas.

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