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Domestic Violence

Representing Domestic Violence Cases In Houston and Throughout Texas - An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

Domestic violence cases are complicated. In an instant, a sharp argument can lead to an accusation of violence that may be groundless. An accuser may contact the police and allege abuse out of spite to hurt a spouse who has not inflicted any violence. Unfortunately, this starts a legal process that is difficult to stop.

Even when a spouse asks for the charges to be dropped, most prosecutors in Texas will continue to pursue the case. This policy is designed to protect a battered wife from an abuser's intimidation and bullying. In some cases, this policy harms a person accused of spousal abuse who is truly innocent.

When you retain Smith & Hassler, we will advocate for your rights when you have been charged with domestic violence. Call us today. Our law firm works with people in Houston and throughout Texas.

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