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Owners of property with access to swimming or boating areas have obligations to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of their guests and/or their patrons. Failure to supervise those in and around the water is a source of negligence in the event of a drowning, particularly when children are at risk of injury. Owners who are negligent may face a wrongful death lawsuit.

Homeowners with pools must take proper precautions to reduce the risk of drowning. Any boat owner who brings passengers aboard is responsible for providing adequate safety equipment to reduce the risk of someone falling overboard and for providing appropriate personal flotation devices, or access to them.

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If you have lost a loved one due to a drowning because of another's negligence, contact Smith & Hassler. An experienced personal injury attorney will assist you or your loved one in your case. Our law firm handles cases in Houston and throughout Texas.

Remember, in most cases with children the statute of limitations does not begin running until your child is 18, so you may have a case even if the drowning occurred years ago. Call (713) 739-1250 for your free personal injury consultation today.

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