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Drug Offenses

Representing Defendants in Houston and Throughout Texas in Drug Offense Cases - An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

We have seen how someone's youthful indiscretion can suddenly jeopardize a promising future. Possession of less than two ounces of marijuana can result in a Class B misdemeanor charge, leading to hundreds of dollars in fines, possible arrest and possible loss of your driver's license.

In other words, someone who makes a mistake and is found to be in possession of a single joint may be burdened with a criminal record that could haunt him for years to come. Texas law dictates that people in possession of paraphernalia (such as a hash pipe or rolling papers) can face Class C charges.

If you are found to be in possession of four ounces of marijuana, you can face a felony charge.

At Smith & Hassler, we will work hard to see that your drug charge is dismissed. If the charge is dismissed, we will put our resources behind making sure your record is sealed from a future employer.

Contact our offices if you - or your son or daughter - has been charged. Drug charges can have serious consequences. Let us defend you and protect your future.

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At Smith & Hassler, our aggressive criminal defense lawyers can help if you or a loved one is accused of a drug offense. Our law firm handles cases in Houston and throughout Texas.

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