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Establishing Responsibility

A Texas Wrongful Death Attorney to Help You Get Justice

A wrongful death case arising from an automobile accidentnursing home accident, construction site accident, or other types of accidents requires that responsibility for the death be established among all the parties involved, including the person who died.

The family must show that the deceased made every effort to promptly obtain medical care. (This may not apply as strongly in cases where the deceased's life was put at risk without his or her knowledge, such as an exposure to toxins.) Additionally, another factor that affects the case is how the deceased may have been negligent in the accident. For example, a boat passenger who did not wear a flotation device and subsequently drowned would affect the outcome of the claim.

Other parties may try to demonstrate that the death would have occurred even without their actions or negligence. They may also try to establish that they had no ability to know, predict, or recognize the risk of their actions or decisions

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