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Factors Affecting Damages

Issues that Influence the Amount of Damages Recovered

Three important factors determine the amount of damages that are awarded:

  • The nature of the injury
  • The extent to which the person was injured
  • Duration that the person suffered from the injury

For example, in a case with severe physical trauma (such as ligament, skeletal, or nerve damage), you would be more likely to collect a larger amount of money for damages than you would if your injury was a minor case of back strain or whiplash. Supportive documentation such as CAT scans and X-rays in when severe injuries are involved is essential in your case.

The permanence of the injury and the extent of treatment required also are important in your personal injury claim.

Defendant Liability

A personal injury claim also is affected by who is at fault. If the defendant is completely at fault, the compensatory damages awarded to the victim will be the full amount requested. In some cases, more than one defendant is possible and damages may be assessed in proportion to each defendant's fault.

However, the amount of damages awarded may be reduced if you the victim are found to be partially at fault in the incident.

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