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How Truck Accidents Happen

Victims of Truck Accidents Have Rights - Tell Them You Mean Business

Interstate commerce depends on commercial trucking. In turn, trucking companies are under pressure to deliver their cargo quickly and at low cost. This can lead to unethical practices and unsafe driving. Our truck accident attorneys hold negligent drivers and trucking companies responsible.

In some cases, the accident is the fault of the trucking company, due to:

  • Improper maintenance/inspection of vehicle brakes, turn indicators, and tires;
  • Overloaded trailers;
  • Improper safety labeling of contents;
  • Excessive speed resulting from unrealistic delivery schedules.

In other cases, an individual driver may undo a trucking company's efforts to maintain a safe fleet by their own misconduct, including:

Our legal team will review your accident. We look at every piece of evidence. This involves seeking trucking company safety records, going over accident reports and reading medical records and trucker logbooks. It means looking at data from the truck's electronic control module, or "black box." There may be evidence of negligence at the scene, such as skid marks. We'll interview witnesses and if needed, bring in experts.

The trucking company and their insurance company just want you to go away quickly and cheaply. They will likely try to lowball you by making a settlement offer that comes nowhere near covering all of your damages. That's not good enough. We will build a strong case to bring them back to the negotiating table until they make an acceptable offer. If they refuse, we will fight them in court.

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