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Injuries at Gyms and Health Clubs

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There's no question that joining a health club or gym is good for you physically and mentally. In Texas, people work out to improve their health, but in the blink of an eye a person can suffer a severe injury as a result of someone's negligence and face possible lifelong health problems.

The Houston Chronicle recently reported about injuries at gyms. Trainers and gyms can still be held liable, despite waivers signed by members, according to the Chronicle.

Health club injuries may include:

A 74 year old woman recently used a treadmill on doctor's orders to get some cardiovascular exercise. The woman fell after the trainer failed to tell her the machine would speed up. The trainer also didn't tell the woman how to connect a lanyard to the machine that would have stopped the treadmill if she were to fall, which she did, the Chronicle reported.

In another case, an overweight woman needed two back surgeries from gym-induced injuries. A trainer kept pushing her to keep exerting herself, saying her pain was attributable to being overweight, according to the Chronicle.

Most health clubs require contracts that state the member assumes the risk of injury and that release the member from the right to sue.

But at Smith & Hassler, our experienced attorneys know that people who join health clubs do not give up their legal rights. Texas law may overrule the health club's contract, thus making the club liable in certain cases.

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