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Injury In Public Buildings

Our Attorneys Will Fight for Your Rights After A Slip and Fall Injury In A Public Building

You have the right to be able to access a library, government office, or post office without being exposed to unnecessary risk. Tell them you mean business.

The high traffic found in public buildings makes negligent maintenance a crucial safety issue. Something as simple as a revolving door or a set of stairs, if not properly maintained, can pose a significant injury risk.

Areas that will be occupied by children, such as schools, libraries, or playgrounds, need to follow strict protocols for supervision as well as maintenance. If you have been injured in one of Texas's public buildings, we are ready to help.

Public property where accidents may occur include the following:

  • State or federal office buildings
  • Public schools
  • State colleges or university buildings
  • Municipal swimming pools
  • Highway construction zones
  • Community recreation centers

Keep in mind that special considerations can apply in lawsuits against public entities, but the basic rules of liability still apply to these defendants.

Even though slip and fall accidents on public property have special considerations, we will scrutinize all the details of your case to protect your interests. We have years of experience handling all kinds of premises liability cases.

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