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Joggers And Skaters

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People who enjoy jogging and skating might be particularly vulnerable to accidents because they often take to the streets before or after work, times of the day when drivers are in a hurry or when visibility may not be ideal. As a result, drivers sometimes cause car accidents involving skaters or joggers. Our experienced attorneys fight to get injury victims the financial compensation they deserve.

Joggers and skaters are wise to use reflective vests or other visibility equipment, but they are still at risk from distracted drivers who may be using cell phones, adjusting radios or sending text messages. And unfortunately, they have little protection against severe injury when struck by a vehicle. A person hit by a vehicle can face severe internal injuries, including spinal cord damagebroken bones, or even death.

Serious injuries can take weeks, months or years to recover from-or may be permanent. The injured jogger or skater may require hospitalization, surgery, medication and physical therapy. Home care attendants and medical equipment may also be needed. All these expenses can add up very quickly.

Our attorneys fight to hold negligent drivers responsible. The insurance company may make an initial offer that is far too low. They may even say it's the best offer they can make. But if such an offer doesn't come close to paying for your damages, that's not good enough. We take such offers to the negotiating table to reach a settlement that works for you. And if the insurance company won't budge, we will fight for your compensation in court.

If you or a loved one has been injured while jogging or skating, contact Smith & Hassler immediately.

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