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Motorcycle Safety

Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle: Take Precautions and Prevent an Accident from Happening

It's important to take appropriate safety precautions when you get on a motorcycle. It could save a life-usually yours. Motorcyclists are vulnerable out on the open road, and can be injured in an accident. When that happens, our motorcycle accident attorneys fight to protect their rights.

In Texas, motorcyclists are required to take a motorcycle safety course that teaches basic skills. It's also a good idea to take a more advanced class, to prepare you for different situations you'll encounter when riding.

Here are some precautions that can help you stay safe:

  • Wear the right attire - Leather pants, coats and gloves all protect your skin should you get in an accident. Leather acts like a second skin to protect you from road rash and the elements. Also important are goggles and face protection.
  • Inspect your bike - Look for any visible damage, including loose bolts. A quick inspection could save your life.
  • Check your tire pressure - Adequate tire pressure allows you to safely and easily take corners and turns.
  • Wear a helmet - Helmets save lives by protecting your head. Most importantly, they can help prevent serious traumatic brain injury if you are in a motorcycle accident and hurt your head.
  • Ride defensively - Assume that drivers can't see you. Many times, they aren't paying attention to other vehicles around them.

Texas Helmet Law

Riders who are 20 years old and younger in Texas are required to wear a helmet. Adults have the option to wear a helmet. That state law changed in 1997. Since then, the fatality rate per vehicle miles traveled for motorcyclists has increased in Texas, according to several studies.

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