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Paralysis from a Semi Truck Accident

Semi Truck Paralysis Injury Attorneys Can Seek Justice for Victims

spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis may occur after a passenger is hurled from a vehicle due to the extreme force of a semi truck collision. Paralysis victims can see their lives changed in an instant because of the negligence of a semi truck driver. Our truck accident lawyers fight to get paralyzed victims the financial compensation they need and deserve.

The extensive trauma victims of semi truck accidents experience can lead to nerve damage in more than one area, including partial paralysis of the hands, legs, or even portions of the face. These injuries are traumatic and life-changing.

Any loss of movement of any part of the body due to nerve damage is likely to be permanent and will make it difficult or impossible to work. This can result in pain syndromes such as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy that may leave the injury victim in constant pain.

The trucking company and their insurance company may be willing to settle your claim, but their initial offer will likely fall far short of paying the full costs of your injury. Our lawyers will determine the true value of your claim, considering the impact of the injury now and in the future. We will negotiate with the insurance company to reach a settlement that meets your needs. But if their best offer is less than you deserve, we will fight them in court.

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