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Playground Accidents

Our Attorneys Will Seek Justice When a Playground Accident Injures Your Child

A playground injury may be the result of poor supervision by an adult or a poorly maintained facility. Whatever the cause, your child's playground injury is a serious matter deserving tough-minded legal support.

Maintenance of a playground is a crucial responsibility for schools, recreation facilities, municipal parks, and child care centers.

Those responsible for the grounds must take the following measures to ensure safety:

  • Adequate padding below climbing structures
  • Properly secured swings
  • Adequate clearance for passing around swings
  • No loose bolts or fasteners
  • No rotting flooring or fencing on climbing structures
  • Gates to prevent entrance after hours

Other playground injuries are the result of poor supervision. For example, if the adult responsible allows a game of tag to take place around a swing set, a child could suffer a severe injury if a swing strikes his or her head.

When a child is injured, you can count on Smith & Hassler for aggressive legal pursuit of the full compensation allowed under the law. In distress, some Texas families allow insurance companies to determine what happens next. Don't fall into that trap. Contact us right away.

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If your child has been injured at a playground because of another's negligence, Smith & Hassler is on your side. An experienced personal injury attorney will assist you or your loved one in your case. We work with families in Houston and throughout Texas.

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