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Rear End Crashes

Rear End Collision Attorneys at Smith & Hassler Will Assist You with Your Case

Among the most common types of car accidents are rear end collisions. At Smith & Hassler, we have seen a growing number of these types of cases over the past few years with the use of cell phones. More and more drivers are texting while driving and facing other distractions. The result is often a rear end collision that leaves people injured. Our car accident attorneys help victims get the compensation they deserve.

Generally, the rear-most driver in a collision is the responsible party. But the rear-ending motorist can have a case if there was no other way to avoid hitting the car in front of him or her.

Insurance companies often assume that there are only minor injuries, if any, during rear end collisions. We understand that your injury, no matter how minor it might appear to an insurance company, can create unwanted medical bills and other burdens in your life.

What We Can Do For You

Our legal team will investigate your accident to learn the facts. It's also important that you seek medical attention soon after your accident, so a doctor can assess your injuries. After investigating the accident and reviewing your medical needs, we can determine the true value of your claim.

Whether you have sustained whiplash, back and neck injuries or any other types of injuries, you deserve justice and have legal rights after a rear end collision. It's important to call Smith & Hassler to get the compensation that you deserve after your accident.

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