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Sharing The Road Safely

A Houston-Area Attorney to Advocate for Victims of Road Accidents Throughout Texas

Houston's roads are crowded not only with cars, trucks and motorcycles, but sometimes joggers, bicyclists and skaters. When everyone is paying attention and following the rules of the road, everything is usually fine.

But when someone is careless or negligent, it can lead to an accident in which someone is seriously hurt. Our experienced attorneys at Smith & Hassler hold negligent parties responsible to get victims the compensation they deserve.

An accident can happen in many ways on the road. For example, a motorist who leaves the high beams on while driving at night can possibly blind an oncoming driver. The blinded driver may be unable to see a road hazard in front of him in time to avoid a collision.

Why Accidents Happen

All operators - from bicycle riders to drivers of delivery trucks pulled over to the shoulder - must understand how to make way for the other vehicles, or pedestrians, they share the road with. When accidents involve cars, bicyclists, joggers, skaters or others using the road, determining responsibility depends on the circumstances.

Our firm will conduct an investigation to find out what really happened and who was responsible. We review accident reports and medical records, talk to witnesses and may visit the scene ourselves to look for evidence of negligence.

Then we will fight to get you compensation from the responsible party. In general, you are able to seek damages (financial compensation) for past and future medical expenses and lost wages. You may also be able to seek other damages, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.

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