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Surgery from a Semi Truck Accident

An Aggressive Attorney to Protect Rights of Truck Accident Victims

Getting into an accident with a semi truck can leave you with serious injuries that may require multiple surgeries. The medical expenses can add up quickly, and you are entitled to financial compensation for injuries caused by another's negligence. The truck accident attorneys at Smith & Hassler are tough negotiators who will fight hard to get everything you are owed to compensate you for your medical costs and other losses.

We know that broken bones that require the insertion of metal plates and screws to properly heal can be a complicated operation, particularly if the spinal cord is damaged. Damage to internal organs can become permanent, requiring the removal of that organ. The victim must carry that condition for a lifetime.

Surgery can be emotionally traumatic. It can also be financially devastating. Aside from the cost of the surgery itself, there are the costs for hospitalization, medication and other treatments such as physical therapy. You may also need home care attendants or home modifications following surgery.

How We Can Help You

Our attorneys can determine the true value of your claim, taking into account all past and future needs related to your surgery. We also take into account the impact your surgery has had on you and your family.

Once we have determined the value of your claim, we will fight to recover damages for you. The insurance company always wants to pay injury victims as little as possible. But we won't put up with lowball offers or other scare tactics to minimize your compensation.

We know how to build a strong case that proves negligence. When insurance companies see that we are ready to fight them in court if necessary, they will often agree to a favorable settlement.

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