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Toxic Mold / Sick Building Syndrome

Victims Suffering from Sick Building Syndrome Have a Law Firm to Rely On - Smith & Hassler

Toxic mold, or sick building syndrome, cases occur when building occupants breathe in the spores from certain kinds of mold. What can make toxic mold cases difficult to recognize is that the symptoms often resemble those of a chest cold or flu, such as nose and throat irritation, congestion, and fever.

Those who are exposed to the mold spores may be situated in the area where the mold is growing, or the spores may be circulated by the building's HVAC system in a way that conceals their origin.

Toxic mold is not as obvious a workplace hazard as hazards at a construction site. But, like the safety of a building's parking lot, a property owner is responsible for taking reasonable measures to ensure occupant safety, including the air they breathe.

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