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Elder Abuse

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Texas, not to mention all of America, is aging quickly. The number of people over 50 years old continues to increase dramatically every year. Sadly, elder abuse is becoming more of a problem as well as the population ages.

Many people become more vulnerable as they age. And the abuse can take many forms. Five common types of elder abuse are:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Neglect of yourself/neglect by your caregiver
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Physical abuse

Often, an elderly person is abused by someone he or she must rely on for basic needs or support. While elder abuse is sometimes committed by family members, the victim might be injured by an unrelated caregiver.

Injuries may range from hard to detect neuropsychological injuries to direct physical violence that may lead to broken bones or require surgery.

Sometimes, elder abuse can go hand in hand with a case of professional negligence, such as a nursing care provider refusing to provide regular supervision of a patient who then falls.

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