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Nursing home residents deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s the reason why families often take a lot of time and thought into picking the right nursing home. That’s why nursing home abuse or neglect cases can be so upsetting. Instead of nursing homes taking care of our loved ones, our parents or other family members can suddenly be sick, injured, or worse. When this happens, it’s critical that nursing homes are held accountable for their actions or inaction.

That’s our job, and our Houston nursing home abuse attorneys at Smith & Hassler want to help your family. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of legal experience. We know the laws that apply to nursing home abuse cases in Texas. We know how the legal system works, and we’re prepared to go above and beyond for your family.

What are nursing home abuse cases?

Nursing home abuse cases can cover a wide range. Some of the most serious nursing home abuse cases we deal with at our Houston law firm include:

  • Physical abuse of nursing home residents
  • Sexual abuse of nursing home residents
  • Psychological abuse (yelling at nursing home resident)
  • Emotional abuse (making fun of someone, teasing, etc.)

Is this what happened to your loved one? Or are you dealing with a different type of nursing home abuse case? Whatever the circumstances, you can count on us.

What are nursing home neglect cases?

Nursing home neglect can be just as bad as abusing someone. That’s why it’s critical that you take strong legal action right away if a loved one or family member is being neglected in a nursing home. Examples of nursing home neglect include:

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Malnutrition
  • Not feeding residents enough
  • Physically isolating nursing home residents
  • Preventing friends or family members from visiting
  • Poor medical care (failing to give medications, regular checkups, etc.)

Nursing home neglect can have serious consequences. Your loved one’s health and well-being can deteriorate quickly. That’s why it’s critical that you talk to an attorney at our personal injury law firm right away. We can stand up for your loved one’s rights and demand justice.

Why do nursing home abuse or neglect cases happen?

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases happen for many different reasons, including:

  • Lack of training
  • Lack of oversight
  • Inexperienced nursing home workers
  • Understaffing at nursing home
  • Physically abusive workers
  • No background checks on workers

Why nursing home abuse or neglect incidents happen matters, and it’s our job to find out exactly what happened to your loved one and demand the compensation your family rightfully deserves.

What makes nursing home abuse or neglect cases so complicated?

Nursing home abuse or neglect cases often turn out to be very complicated legal cases for many different reasons. Often, these cases come down to your word against theirs. Some of the excuses they might try to use to dismiss your legitimate claim include:

  • Nursing home denies doing anything wrong
  • Nursing home conceals or destroys evidence related to your case
  • Nursing home claims your loved one somehow caused their injury
  • Nursing home’s insurance company denies your claim

Why would a nursing home or its attorneys take such an aggressive stance in response to your loved one’s injury or illness? Because there’s often a lot of money at stake. Your nursing home abuse or neglect case could be worth thousands or even millions of dollars.

Your case is about more than just money. For us, it’s about holding nursing homes accountable for their actions and making sure this abuse never happens again. That’s why we would be honored to meet with you and discuss the details of your case.

Your nursing home abuse or neglect case matters. Contact our law firm

Your loved one has rights. We can fight for them. Make the right call. Contact Smith & Hassler, Attorneys at Law. Our Houston nursing home abuse lawyers can fight for your family every step of the way. Schedule your free case evaluation right now. Our Houston law firm will go above and beyond for your family.

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