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Being charged with a crime in Texas is a serious legal matter. That’s why it’s critical that you take your charges seriously right from the start. That’s why our Houston criminal defense lawyers at Smith & Hassler want to meet with you. We can provide you with a vigorous legal defense and defend your constitutional rights.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience serving the legal needs of people in Houston and throughout Texas. We know the law. We understand how the legal system works in Harris County and other, neighboring communities. We are prepared to do the work that needs to be done, no matter what crime you have been charged with in Texas.

Types of criminal defense cases we handle

Our Houston criminal defense attorneys don’t back down from tough legal cases. Instead, we work hard to mount a strong legal defense on your behalf. We handle a wide range of criminal charges in Texas, including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug offenses
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Public Intoxication
  • Domestic Violence
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Probation Violations

Whatever crime you have been charged with in Houston or Texas, we’re here to help you when you need us most. Our law firm also handles cases involving requests to have your criminal record expunged and petitions for nondisclosure.

What makes criminal defense cases in Texas so challenging?

Each case is different, but criminal defense cases in Texas can be challenging for many different reasons, including:

  • False allegations made against you
  • Conflicting eyewitness testimony
  • Entrapment (law enforcement officials tricked you into committing a crime)
  • Prosecutor withheld evidence necessary to prove your innocence.

Many law firms avoid challenging criminal cases, but we thrive on them. Our criminal defense attorneys work hard on every case. We know which strategies work. We know how to find evidence to support your innocence, and we will be there for you every step of the way throughout your legal process.

What should I do if I have been charged with a crime in Texas?

If you have been charged with a crime in Texas, we strongly encourage you to take the following steps:

  • The less you say, the better. Remember, anything you say to a police officer, prosecutor or anyone investigating your case could later be used against you in a court of law. You have the Constitutional right to remain silent. Exercise it and protect your rights.
  • Contact our law firm as soon as possible. Whether you have been charged with a crime a few hours or a few days ago, talk to a criminal defense attorney at our law firm right away. We can evaluate your case and explain your legal options.

We realize being charged with a crime in Texas is a serious legal matter. That’s why we want to help you.

Take your Texas criminal defense case seriously. Contact Smith & Hassler.

The decisions you make now could affect the rest of your life. Take your charges seriously right from the start. Contact our law firm right now. One of our Houston criminal defense lawyers can aggressively investigate the charges against you and work tirelessly to have your charges dismissed or reduced. We’re in your corner and have your back.

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