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Seat Belt And Airbag Injuries

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Seat belts and airbags are put in place to protect drivers and passengers, but sometimes they contribute to injuries. Defective seat belts and airbags also can cause more damage than the actual impact with the other vehicle or object outside your car. When that happens, our car accident attorneys fight to get you compensation for your injuries.

Design, production or installation defects or inadequate warnings or failure to instruct on proper use could lead to seat belt injuries and airbag injuries. When there are defective safety features, drivers and passengers can sustain injuries to internal organs, their faces or skin. Eye damage, loss of vision or fractures can also be a result of defective safety products.

Our experienced legal team knows how to find evidence that a seat belt or airbag was defective. We'll identify the parties responsible for your injury and hold them accountable. We will build the strongest case possible. Once companies and insurance companies see we are prepared to fight them at trial, they often agree to a favorable settlement. But if not, we will take them to court.

Because these types of cases are complex, they can take time to resolve. But we are dedicated to getting results for our clients. Our firm has the resources to take on corporations and insurance companies and are always focused on the best possible outcome for you.

Call Smith & Hassler to get compensated for your injuries due to faulty seat belts and airbags. We handle cases in Houston and throughout Texas.

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