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Representing Defendants in Theft Cases in Houston and Across Texas - An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights

From shoplifting to buying stolen property, theft is a broad criminal charge. The penalties also can range from fines to a lengthy prison sentence.

Under the Texas penal code, theft is defined as taking another person's property without consent. This can be done by deception or by physically stealing the property. You do not have to keep the property for it to be considered theft. You only have to have it long enough to deprive the owner of its value. Also, if you take something and return it for a reward, you can be charged with theft, under Texas law.

Police need to show two things to charge a person with theft:

  • You acted with criminal intent, which means you knew the property belonged to someone else and you knew you did not have his or her permission to take it.
  • You actually had possession of the property.

The following are common ways to commit theft in Texas:

  • Shoplifting
  • Bad checks
  • General theft
  • Buying or accepting stolen property

Other common theft charges include embezzlement and theft of services (stealing something that is not a physical item).

If you are charged with any type of theft in Texas, contact Smith & Hassler. We will defend to make sure your rights are protected.

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