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Destruction To Property

When Your Possessions Have Been Damaged

You may be owed compensation for the replacement or repair of any property when you've been a victim of someone else's negligence.

This commonly is a result of an auto accident. You can collect compensation for the costs of repair and loss of value to the vehicle, but also:

  • Damage to property contained within the automobile (such as your cell phone, MP3 player and global positioning device)
  • Damage to personal property outside of the automobile (for example, a drunk driver hit and damaged your house or other building or your mail box)
  • Reimbursement for finding substitute transportation during the repair period

If the property is now useless and cannot be fixed, you can ask for compensation for the fair market value of the property before the accident. If your property can be fixed, you may be owed compensation for the loss of the item's use as well as its repair.

Loss of profit, particularly in instances in which the property is used in one's employment, and interest also may be factored into the decision about compensation owed.

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