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House Fires

A Houston-Area House Fire Attorney Will Advocate for Victims Throughout Texas

House fires are traumatic for victims in many ways. When another person's negligence causes the fire, people residing in the house may suffer severe burn injuriesemotional distress and loss of life. They may lose all their possessions.

Safety measures taken before the fire may determine liability. Investigators will examine whether or not smoke detectors were installed and whether or not the stairways were passable, among other things.

In a house fire, children are especially susceptible to being overcome or made ill by fumes and smoke, even when the open flame from the fire is not in their immediate presence.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a house fire, it's important to seek official reports from local fire and police department to determine the cause of the fire. Experienced attorneys like the ones at Smith & Hassler can help you sort through the details so you can focus on recovering from various injuries.

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