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Premises Liability

Fighting Premises Liability Cases Relentlessly to See that Victims Get Justice

You may be entitled to compensation if your slip and fall accident was the result of another's negligence. At Smith & Hassler, we will fight to see you get the maximum compensation. Don't take the insurance company's first offer. Take action instead.

Among the general standards in a premises liability case are determinations that show:

  • The party responsible for the property created the condition.
  • The condition was known but no steps were taken to correct it.
  • Enough time had gone by for the responsible party to become aware of the condition that it should have been corrected.

Because there are not always obvious hazards, as might be present at a construction siteswimming pool, or on scaffolding, insurance companies often fight hard to deny a premises liability slip and fall claim.

Tell them you mean business.

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