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Hit And Run

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When you are hit by a driver who then does not stop to exchange information about the accident, you’ve been involved in a hit and run.

With these types of accidents, victims often have difficulty getting compensation for hit and run injuries or property damage because sometimes the person to blame has already left the scene. Drivers may leave the scene because they don’t have auto insurance, or a driver’s license. Also, they may have an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

Motorists have an obligation to stop after being in an accident. In Houston, law enforcement authorities take hit and run accidents very seriously. They are considered criminal and will be vigorously prosecuted.

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident:

  • Don’t try to follow the driver. The person behind the wheel may be dangerous and should not be confronted without the authorities.
  • Call 911 to report the event. Offer as many details as possible, including anything you can recall from the vehicle, such as the license plate number.
  • Speak to witnesses and obtain their contact information.
  • Photograph your car and the scene of the accident.

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