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Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries and death on the road. Despite heightened awareness and advocacy against DWI and DUI, the frequency of these types of accidents is still alarming. Survivors often are left with emotional and physical trauma, as well as physical injuries and serious property damage. Our drunk driving accident lawyers fight to get them the compensation they deserve.

Smith & Hassler represents those who have been injured in car accidents involving a driver under the influence. Our law firm handles cases in Houston and throughout Texas. We can help you get compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, repair to property damage, loss of time and money from work, and other accident-related costs not only from the driver, but also, when the specific facts of the case permit, from the supplier of the alcohol.

Insurance companies often try to keep their payments down. They may claim your injuries aren't that bad, or that you were partially responsible for causing your accident. They'll likely make you a settlement offer, and tell you it's the best they can do. But such offers rarely  come close to covering all of your damages.

Such tactics don't scare us. Our legal team knows how to build a strong case that can't be ignored. We regularly review arrest reports, test results and medical records. We'll talk to any witnesses and if needed, bring in experts. Our lawyers will negotiate with the insurance companies for a favorable settlement offer. If that doesn't work, we will take them to court. And Texas juries are typically not lenient in cases of drunk driving.

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