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Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Lawyers Represent Injury Victims in Houston and Throughout Texas

Foodborne diseases cause millions of illnesses and thousands of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States each year. Every year, it seems, a different food comes under suspicion in food poisoning cases.

Recent salmonella outbreaks have been linked to peanut butter and tomatoes. Spinach has been identified as the culprit in earlier food poisoning cases. Undercooked meat or poultry may make families seriously ill.

Whether it is due to an improperly performing refrigerator or the failure of a cook to follow accepted protocols, food poisoning cases can arise from many sources. Among the injury or loss you suffer may be:

Only a small amount of bacteria need be present for a restaurant patron to become ill from consuming tainted food.

Remember, you have legal rights that must be protected if you've been injured at a restaurant or other place as a result of consuming tainted food.

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