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Highway Accident

Aggressive Attorneys Will Seek Justice for Victims of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The busy highways in Houston are packed with 18 wheelers sharing the road with smaller automobiles. We have seen countless accidents on the highways as a result of a truck driver's negligence. Our truck accident lawyers fight for the rights of the people hurt in these accidents.

A semi truck driver may be tempted to try to change lanes in order to pass a slower moving vehicle. When the driver of the big rig fails to properly check the mirrors, the unseen passenger vehicle has to swerve to avoid being hit. In another case, a semi truck speeding on the highway may be unable to slow down when approaching congestion, such as traffic merging into one lane before entering a highway construction area.

Both of these scenarios could lead to a dangerous highway accident. And the truck driver is clearly responsible for the resulting injuries.

While some of these scenarios are common, the details of each case are different. Our legal team conducts a thorough review of each case. We review all evidence to look for proof of negligence by the driver and trucking company. We also consider the extent of your injuries to assess your needs now and in the future.

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Our lawyers can determine the true value of your claim and fight to get compensation you deserve. We expect resistance from the trucking company and their insurance company. But we know how to build a strong case that can't be ignored and will fight them in court, if that's what it takes.

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